Fly deploy not working

My deployments are not working and my servers in SJC region are down.

The logs say configuring firecracker for my new ones (when I used fly deploy --local-only). Using app builders doesn’t work either (it never comes up). When I log my builder it just hangs:
flyctl logs -a fly-builder-throbbing-night-640

Error on my new deployments when running with --local-only (after succesful docker building):
Error: failed to update VM e7842095b13008: request returned non-2xx status, 504

For my existing ones I eventually get a timeout, they get stuck in this

Updating existing machines in ‘pebble-web’ with rolling strategy

⠧ [1/2] Updating 32874d39c72d08 [app]
[2/2] Waiting for job

Things I’ve tried:

  • rerunning fly auth login, to no avail.
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Seems to be working again now! Sorry for noise

Hey! Thank you for reporting this. This was indeed an issue from fly’s side. We pushed a bad configuration to our workers.

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