Fly + Datadog Vector generated configuration broken

Hey! Loving fly so much we’re moving prod to it! But there’s one last bit to solve: Datadog integration.

I’ve spun up the fly-log-shipper but it seems to be generating an invalid Vector config when the Datadog site is set to the EU site.

Configuration error. error=duplicate key: `site` for key `sinks.datadog` at line 35 column 1

I think the issue is here:

It’s duplicating the site key in the output config. Not sure what the shell script is doing, I can never remember the weird syntax for if-statements.

I’ll probably roll my own config for now but just wanted to throw this out there in case there’s anything missing from the docs or I’ve done something wrong.

Config is all set, DATADOG_SITE is set, it’s just somehow ending up with two site entries in the generated toml.


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Nice find. I’ll take care of this bug.

@Southclaws give it a try now, I’ve merged

Perfect, works fine, thanks!