fly cli certificate status debugging


very new to the fly ecosystem and trying to debug a delay in certificate issuance. all other apps i’ve deployed have received one in under 2 minutes, however the latest deployment seems to be taking a little while longer:


using against both this application and another one which had certificate issuance work fine yesterday reveal only this difference: Error getting validation data 

is there a way i can pull out further information as to the state of the cert request? as far as i can see it’s all green in the fly dashboard.

Hello, I think this would be helpful for you:

Be sure to follow these steps, specially disable proxy (the orange cloud) during the setup :slightly_smiling_face:

unfortunately, not so helpful this time. i only use cf for dns.

i issued a cert for a different subdomain and it worked fine, so i’m guessing i hit a rate limit with the first one. it’d be good if we could see that feedback - passing --verbose --debug doesn’t provide any extra info.

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