Unable to deploy: app repository not found

Trying to deploy and getting an error:

Error failed to fetch an image or build from source: error rendering push status stream: name unknown: app repository not found

The app (elements-web-dev) has already been deployed multiple times, any idea what could be causing this?

Got it working, and I think it’s a bug with the cli tool.

fly version yields fly v0.0.276 darwin/arm64 Commit: 0e35938 BuildDate: 2022-01-01T17:54:59Z.

I am using multiple different accounts, each with organization access. This is how I think you reproduce:

  1. Sign into account 1 with access to org 1. ('fly auth login`)
  2. Sign into account 2 with access to org 2. (fly auth login)

I noticed that in ~/.fly, after step 2, the ~/.fly/config.yml file had state in it from the first account. It seems that fly auth login isn’t updating pre-existing state on re-auth.

To fix I just nuked ~/.fly and re-authed again.

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Are you able to see the app with flyctl status?

Oh good catch. Would can you file an issue here Issues · superfly/flyctl · GitHub?

Yup, will do

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Thank you!