Feature request: fly pg export


Loving the new fly pg import command PG import command by davissp14 · Pull Request #1788 · superfly/flyctl · GitHub

Coming from Heroku, I’m used to heroku pg:pull as well - used like so:

heroku pg:pull <remote-db-name> <local-db-name> --app <app-name>

Refs: Managing Heroku Postgres using the CLI | Heroku Dev Center
Refs: cli/packages/pg-v5/commands/pull.js at d705c1dfdd6913d5999109083a9dd06d54ad25a7 · heroku/cli · GitHub

While this post provides enough context for someone to cobble together a solution themselves, it’s not nearly as convenient as pg:pull - as it requires the user to create the proxy connection in one process, perform their action in another process, and then terminate the proxy connection once complete.

This might also be a useful tool for upgrading major versions - a user could feasibly pg export from 14.4 to a local instance, perform their upgrade/testing, and then launch a new major version on Fly, and run pg import.

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