no pg_dump command

Following these directions Migrate from Heroku · Fly Docs, but I get a command not found when trying to run pg_dump and I can’t seem to locate any of the postgres commands. Database is running and I can connect to it fine.

Hey, try installing postgresql-client using the distro package manager:

On debian based distros (i.e. ubuntu) use:

apt update && apt install postgresql-client

OK, thanks, that worked. I guess I was thrown off following the docs since the Dockerfile I have was generated by fly launch and the docs make no mention of updating the Dockerfile before running those commands.

Hi Ben. I wonder what your Dockerfile looks like, the default tempalte for Rails’ apps is to install postgresql-client package ( Source )

Either you are using a very old flyctl version, which I doubt, or fly launch didn’t detect it as a Rails
app. If you don’t mind, I would like to understand more how we ended in this broken use case. thanks!

This is for a django app, which the command correctly identified based on my existing project.

Oh clear then. Not sure why I assumed it was a Rails app but it makes sense now. thanks for the info.