Feature Request: deploy tokens in .flyrc


I’d like to request that the .flyrc file that flyctl interacts with support defining deploy tokens. As they work today, using an environment variable means that some build systems will print the plaintext token out to the build output via stdout. For example:

+ FLY_API_TOKEN='FlyV1 fm1r_...'
+ flyctl deploy --remote-only

If flyctl read the deploy token from a file that was injected into the build environment at ~/.flyrc, then it wouldn’t expose the token secret to the logging.

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Have you tried putting it in ~/.fly/config.yml under the access_token key?

Ah nice - that worked. It doesn’t appear this is documented anywhere in the public documentation?

Would be helpful as part of the documentation for Deploy Tokens. All the examples assume using the FLY_API_TOKEN environment variable.

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