Feature Request: Certs

Hey team!

I just had a cert fail to renew because my DNS was malformed (my bad), because things looked like:

Naked Domain

  • A record good
  • AAAA record good

www. subdomain

  • A record good
  • AAAA record missing

I realize it was my error that caused the situation, and it would be nice to have gotten a notification when renewal failed on Fly’s end.

Thanks! Appreciate y’all!

This would be a good feature. We’d like to greatly improve the certificate experience, we just haven’t gotten to it yet!

For now, you could set up monitoring with updown.io. It should alert you when your certificate is a few weeks from expiration. We renew certificates 30 days before they expire, so it’ll let you know ahead of time if it hasn’t renewed properly.

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