Certificate Expired


I moved to Fly.io ~3 months ago from Heroku and was shocked to see my certificate expired without any warnings from fly.io. Unfortunately, when I was first alerted about the website being down, I thought it was a transient error and as a result I had about ~6 hours of downtime.

I had to delete the old certificate, create a new one, and then configure my DNS settings with the new certificate settings. The new certificate only lasts for 3 months as well.


  • Why didn’t Fly.io warn me that my website would be down?
  • Why are certificates only valid for 3 months?
  • Is there an auto-renew feature or do I have to log into fly.io every 90 days to renew the certificate?

We auto renew certs if we can. 90 days is normal, we start trying to renew them at 60 days.

Do you remember how you had this configured before? If you’re using DNS validation, you need to leave the CNAME entry in place so we can keep renewing.