FEATURE: move the flycli config directory under `.config`

This is not a bug so hopefully this is the best place to ask this. I was doing some local debugging of the CLI and I noticed the .fly directory is in my home directory.

It would be helpful for discovery and maintainability of a system to have this in the .config directory.

It looks like this directory is being found or created here.

Which is helpful because it can be the start or migrating and changing the location here. Before working on this I just wanted to see if this is something the community would be interested in.

I’m not sure exactly what the goal is in changing this directory.

Can you comment on your use case for having a different dir for flyctl config?

My primary use case is to decrease noise in my home directory.
My secondary use case is to get familiar with the flycli with a problem I want to solve and contribute.

I believe this specification comes from the free desktop project, more specifically the the Directory Specification. Although this specification is primarily for desktop applications I have seen some other projects use a variation of this pattern.

My personal opinion is this seems like a “nice to have” feature.

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