Configuration Folder Setup

I use a fly.toml file but I keep seeing these warnings in the logs (below). I could not find any guidance on how to transition to the .fly at a project root either. Is there any place I can learn about this setup?

WARN no config file found at /github/home/.fly/config.yml

==> Verifying app config

--> Verified app config

==> Building image

Waiting for remote builder fly-builder-green-hill-5592...

==> Creating build context

--> Creating build context done

==> Building image with Docker

--> docker host: 20.10.12 linux x86_64

The fly.toml file is different than the config.yml so it’s safe to ignore the warning as there’s nothing for you to change.

Thanks. Is there documentation on what config.yaml supports?

The config.yml contains information not related to the app and is persisted after running flyctl auth login. If you’re running things in CI, you could set the LOG_LEVEL environment variable to "ERROR" prior to running the flyctl commad(s) to avoid seeing the log line about missing a config.yml.