Document `flyctl` configuration file location(s)|name(s)

I prefer to not install software locally and am using the flyio/flyctl container image on dockerhub (link).

There’s no obvious documentation for this image and it took me time to grep the code to try to understand which configuration files the binary creates|uses. If not already, please consider documenting this more explicitly (in the docs and on GitHub repo).

I’m currently using the following (flyctl config: ${PWD}/.fly directory):

docker run \
--interactive --tty --rm \
--volume=${PWD}/.fly:/.fly \
--volume=${PWD}/apps/fly.toml:/fly.toml \

That’s a good idea. That image is useful for “installing” flyctl in other images too, it would make sense to have a readme on dockerhub. Explaining both those use cases.

Have you seen a CLI in Docker that uses a local working directory? flyctl mostly operates on project directories, I’d imagine there’s a standard way to share the current directory into the running container?

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