Failing to attach a postgres db to an app

After running:

flyctl postgres attach --app app-name db-name

I’m getting:

failed retrieving postgres app db-name: Field 'limitedAccessTokens' doesn't exist on type 'App'

I don’t see any limitedAccessTokens field in my fly.toml. This also occurred when I initially created/deployed the app. It did successfully create a postgres db, but gave me the same error message. If I try to deploy again, it’ll say it can’t connect, if I attach, once again i’ll get the above error.

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We have a bug in flyctl. We’re working on fixing this and hope to get that released shortly.

Downgrade to fly v1.20.0 to avoid this issue until we release a fix. That can be done with: curl -L | sh -s -- v0.1.20

We have release flyctl v0.1.22 with a fix for this issue. Update with fly version update or curl -L | sh

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