Extend Volume Postgres Error limitedAccessTokens

How to Extend volumes on Database ?

i try to input command this

fly vol extend vol_915grnwlxo8rn70q -s 2 -a changemyapp

and this output

Error: Field 'limitedAccessTokens' doesn't exist on type 'App' 

We have a bug in flyctl. We’re working on fixing this and hope to get that released shortly.

Downgrade to fly v1.20.0 to avoid this issue until we release a fix. That can be done with: curl -L https://fly.io/install.sh | sh -s -- v0.1.20

We have release flyctl v0.1.22 with a fix for this issue. Update with fly version update or curl -L https://fly.io/install.sh | sh

thanks it’s work

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