Cannot attach app to DB - can't build tunnel for <org>

Hi there,

I’m attempting to attach my Postgres DB to my app with fly pg attach -a pr133-d24e7ec-beacon --postgres-app pr133-d24e7ec-beacon-db, through GH Actions with superfly/flyctl-actions@1.1, and I’m getting Error ssh: can't build tunnel for beacon: upstream service is unavailable. I’ve seen this twice now on subsequent runs.

Running fly list apps shows the app servers I’ve recently tried to create in pending status,

  pr133-3b3bb0a-beacon       | pending | beacon |                 
  pr133-3b3bb0a-beacon-db    | running | beacon | 32 minutes ago  
  pr133-d24e7ec-beacon       | pending | beacon |                 
  pr133-d24e7ec-beacon-db    | running | beacon | 27 minutes ago  

even though the preceding CI step exited successfully with New app created: pr133-d24e7ec-beacon.

I haven’t made any recent infrastructure changes – any advice?

We’re fixing an issue Status - "upstream service is unavailable" errors when creating WireGuard Peers

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Seems like my issues have been resolved, thank you for the quick response and fix!