Every other deploy is unreachable

I’ve done several deploys today, and strangely, every second deploy is unreachable. The app logs show the health checks working fine, but my browser fails to connect to the app. If I do another deploy of the same code, suddenly it works again. I’ve repeated this 4+ times throughout the day.

Hi @spiffytech can you run LOG_LEVEL =debug fly deploy and paste the output you see

The log output exceeds the forum’s character limit, so here’s the bad deploy and the good deploy.

What region(s) are you deploying in?

Just iad.

Okay, this may be related to this post, it looks like there was an issue in our proxy and a fix was rolled out just a few hours ago, can you try your deployments again?

I still see the issue.

Alright, in your logs it looks like the deployment is successful, are you getting an error when you’re attempting to connect?

Yep: after the bad deploy, my browser, curl, and healthchecks cannot establish a connection to the app. Upon a second deploy, within a second or two of the new VM booting, I can connect again.

I’m no longer seeing the issue - all deploys are reachable now.


We were seeing some issues in IAD that we’re causing this, my apologies for the inconvenience, glad it’s working now!