ERROR - You have reached the maximum number of machines for this app

It appears this topic pops up in the forum from time to time.

When trying to deploy changes to an existing app, I get “Error: failed to update VM *******: You have reached the maximum number of machines for this app”. The app (in its current state) continues to operate fine, but I can’t deploy updates. Last successful update deployed yesterday morning. It is a Django app that uses 3 machines (2 for the app, 1 db), within the limits for my (legacy) Hobby plan. It may simply be coincidence, but the problem seemed to coincide with the rollover from Jan 31 to Feb 1 (UTC). Any insight?

Issue (very quickly) resolved by (bravo!). Account was flagged by fraud protection system. Now corrected.


I’m also in the same situation. Can my account be fixed or do I need to create a separate thread? I also emailed, but was probably ignored because of my free plan.

Hang in there. They responded fairly quickly (and efficiently) to my email and I’m on the free plan (which is one reason I plan to use Fly’s paid plan when I go live with the project). I’m not sure what the billing dept hours are and with it being the weekend it might be a day or two.

They got back to me in 10 days. I can now deploy my app again without issues.