Error: prompt: non interactive -> what is causing this error in flyctl?

We are running following command, programmaticaly:

$ flyctl launch --no-deploy --name my-app-server --region den

Output is following

Creating app in /home/xxx/my-app-server/.wasp/build
Scanning source code
Detected a Dockerfile app
Error: prompt: non interactive

Seems like issue is that flyctl expects prompt to be interactive, but since we are running it programmatically it concludes it is not and gives up. We don’t normally get this though, only one colleague has this issue. Any ideas on what could be the cause? Also, how could we go around it?


Is your colleague’s machine/environment different from the rest of yours in any notable way?

As a Windows user I used to hit these a lot. I did fix quite a few, but it’s possible I missed something. I haven’t experienced them since switching to WSL FWIW.

The error I get when I do this is:

Error: org slug must be specified when not running interactively

They are running inside Linux VM, so it is not Windows directly.

That is it @rubys , specifying org helped! But we didn’t get such a nice error message.

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