Error: failed to fetch an image or build from source: error rendering push status stream: Get "": dial tcp: lookup on [fdaa::3]:53: server misbehaving

Fails to deploy app in waw region.

NOTE: If you’re operating in region sin, there is currently a DNS related outage - keep your eyes peeled here:

We see the TPC error there related to an ipv6 address on port 53. That port is used for DNS, and so it sounds like there’s some DNS funkiness happening there when the builder is attempting to push to the Fly registry.

Im guessing you’re building “normally” and thus it’s using your organizations remote builder (let me know if you’re using the --local-only flag).

One thing to do is just…try again. Another is to destory your builder app ( will create a new one one your next deploy).

However if you’re operating in sin, then you may want to just hold tight.

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Thanks for update. My issue is resolved now.

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