Does Fly have any sort of firewall/IP blocking?

Probably not surprisingly, my fly logs pretty often have attempts to find known vulnerabilities - wp-index.php and eval-stdin.php and something called stalker_portal and a bunch of others. I’m guessing it’s pretty impossible to have a business like Fly and not have people know your IP range, and bots just crawl those IPs constantly? I’m not sure if it would help much in practice but I’m wondering if there’s any way to block the IPs making those requests, without modifying my application code which seems a bit hacky/overkill. Some sort of simple equivalent to AWS WAF I suppose, though I’m not very experienced with that product.

It’s something we’ve been looking into doing. Probably as another HTTP “handler” in fly.toml.

Those bots are usually harmless, but they’re annoying.

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