Whitelisted access to pg?

We’re considering using Fly as a data warehouse, but to do so, I need to allow a third party to write to my postgres instance. Since it’s outside the Fly network I can’t rely on private networking, and yet I don’t want to open pg up publicly.

Is there a way to whitelist an incoming IP address?

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but adding onto this since this is pretty much our exact use case. We’re existing users of Fly, but are looking into integrating with some third party services for syncing some data. Would love to be able to allow certain external IPs as mentioned above, is there any current way to do this?

Unsupported as of today: Static egress IP - #3 by greg

Short of using proxies…

If you’re running Apps v2 / Machines, then each of your VMs get a stable IPv6 (FLY_PUBLIC_IP). You can try if binding to that IP and then connecting to remote works? Static egress IP - #4 by ignoramous