DNS configuration error on fly's side

I was trying to deploy my program from CI, and got this error at the very end:

Checking DNS configuration for (my domain):9999

Error: expected 1 A records for (my domain):9999., got 0

Any ideas why this happens? I’m not using a custom domain, it’s got the fly.dev address. The program was deployed successfully and it works as usual.

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My guess is that you’ve tickled a corner case in the (relatively new) checkDNS routine.

The fly.toml details might help…

(Particularly nonstandard service definitions.)

Added flyctl, issue


This is a known bug in flyctl when you’re using a service with http or tls handlers, and a custom external port. You can get around it by changing:

    handlers = ["http"]
    port = 9999


    handlers = ["http"]
    start_port = 9999
    end_port = 9999

This should be temporary while we squash the bug.


  • Daniel
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Awesome, thank you for the help!

i have same issue,

Happening for a couple of my apps on flyctl v0.2.0