DNS and Certificate Issue

Hey Community! I deployed My Phoenix Web Application on fly.io and launched it in my .io domain from GoDaddy (Based on DNS Records fly provided) but my website sometimes facing Error “This website can’t be reach” and users from different locations facing this error (Mostly US)
here my website
Can anyone guide me please ? I know this issue is general and may not related to Fly directly :slight_smile:

Maybe a DNS propagation issue? Give it a bit of time so that all cached DNS entries are invalidated everywhere. Usually this behaves according to your TTL (Time to Live) setting for a corresponding DNS record but sometimes there may be flukes as not all ISPs handle those TTL values gracefully. A DNS change may take up to 24 hours to propagate in some pathological cases.

Please let us know if the issue persists even after 24 hours since the DNS record update.

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You have 2 mazaryn.io A records. One of them points at your Fly IP, and the other somewhere else.

I think that’s why there are only problems sometimes.

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Yep, you should only have valid A records. Otherwise a client may hit an invalid one and will be redirected elsewhere. There is no specific order in which DNS A records are used - it’s totally random by design.

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Yep it’s about a month we added the fly DNS records to our GoDaddy domain DNS but facing an issue :frowning:

We have 2 A records
One is for fly which data includes 213...** and just another one which data includes “Parked”
A @ Parked 600 seconds
Should we remove this :point_up_2: one from our domain DNS records ?

You should only leave the A record that belongs to your current fly server. The “Parked” A record should be removed.