SSL authentication issues

When I try to authenticate I put in the dns records but I don’t get any update on

What kind of records did you add?

If you added a CNAME to direct traffic to your Fly app, enter it here:

You should see <app>

If you don’t see that, you can try the A option on that same tool. That should return an IP address that is included flyctl ips list.

What DNS provider are you using?

I am using cloudflare I did use cname the records look like this

Ah! Those “proxied” things are a problem, you can’t get Fly certificates with proxied CNAME records (those aren’t real CNAMES, Cloud Flare actually flattens them and runs them through their own proxy).

However! If you’re happy with Cloud Flare you can just let them do TLS and not worry about creating a Fly certificate.

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I made them dns only will that fix it

Yep, that should work.

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Ok but it says verified and there are no certs do I have to wait some or are they there. EDIT they appeared

It’s usually fast, but you may have to wait ~30-90 seconds after DNS gets picked up. Have another look?

I honestly trust the distance between Fly Edge and origin than CF edge - Fly - origin, though I don’t actually know, it just look shorter and harder to have someone in the middle.