Deployments not working as expected.

Running a new deployment and getting:

The error occurred after waiting for maybe 5 mins of “Monitoring deployment”

Now, fly status is showing 2 (???) VMS running old versions:

Now the best part: the app actually seems to run version 5. Very odd…

I haven’t touched the scaling parameters yet for this app:

I’m seeing something very similar, where my deployment stalls out at “Monitoring Deployment”.

I’m also having issues with deploys: Not able to run migrations on Node.js with knex and Typescript - #3 by balexand

My latest deploy “failed” with the following:

==> Monitoring deployment
Error 1 error occurred:
* No deployment available to monitor

However, fly status seems to show the correct version of my app.


As a follow-up, after having destroyed the associated builder app, my deployments are now working as expected.