Deployment, V2, Troubleshooting, Error handling ETC

I just wanted to share my general frustrations with this product because I don’t even know where to begin. This product was recommended by and ever since I started using it, it has been a giant headache. Nothing ever just works. For example I have a hobby account plan that I generally pay $6-8 a month for because I’m still testing, but each deployment is a hit or miss, I have no idea why things break, I literally just updated an env variable/secret yesterday and it broke all deployments. I don’t see any logs and I have no idea why it decided to stop working - I can’t update my app anymore. I get a message saying I should upgrade to V2 and I tried that but that is broken as well. Apparently I have a lock on my app.
Using this product has just been a giant frustration and a sunk cost, the last time I had problem I literally had to delete the whole app and start afresh and redo all my variables it was a giant pain, I doin’t want to do that again, this is for my own project thankfully at my work I decided to go with Google Cloud Run which I haven’t had problems with. I decided to build my app using sqlite db and thought would be the right fit, I wanted to upgrade to the launch plan but I’m having justifying paying $29 when the basic functionality doesn’t work.

Another error when trying to upgrade - literally nothing is working on this platform
Error: unfortunately the worker hosting your volume vol_d7xkrk7y5564w2q9 (data) does not have capacity for another volume to support the migration; some other options: 1) try again later and there might be more space on the worker, 2) run a manual migration, or 3) wait until we support volume migrations across workers (we're working on it!)

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