Deployment getting increasingly flaky

I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but every time I try to deploy something with Fly the builder hangs at some point. What might have worked once stops working suddenly, and I just have to retry and retry (and wait and wait…). At this point I’ve learned the trick of destroying the current builder and making a new one, but even that seems to have stopped working.

Is this something others are experiencing? What am I doing wrong?

Just to be sure, is it always errors while the image is being built / pushed?

Oh wow, I just realised what is happening during ‘creating build context’ and wondering why it was uploading so much. Then I added .git to the .dockerignore and everything suddenly snapped into life.

Jeez. Sorry, lack of docker knowledge did me in.

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Hey, no problem! Don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile:

It sounds like we could prevent this :thinking: by at least telling the user their context is enormous.