Deployment Failed After Update The Database Schema

I updated my database schema (SQLite, LiteFS, Cache). The app works on development. After I deploy the fly server becomes stuck. Here is what my monitor looks like,

Could anyone help me? I’ve tried to recreate my machine but the result is still the same.

From the logs, seems you are getting a YAML error. title: Resolusi Tahuman: Capian (?) is having two : and that is making the parser mad.

Do you have other errors before/after the lines you’ve pasted?

I think it’s related to the database. I was wrong in naming a title in MDX. However, after fixing my db on local and fixing the naming title, the error remains the same. It’s kind of my production database not updated properly. I don’t know why.

It’s resolved now by deleting and recreate machines and volumes.

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