deploy failed due to unhealthy allocations

I think I might be having the same problems as this one Failed due to unhealthy allocations - rolling back - #5 by eyepulp

The right solution there was to reach out to someone on the team and they could reset things. Is that still the right course of action?

Would someone be able to look at two of my projects?
otter-stats and bitter-star-1040

(One was a somewhat frantic upload of a bare project to see why things were failing)

I’m currently seeing this problem as well in my Elixir app

same problem for me on my remix app

Also seeing this in multiple apps. Not sure how to clear out the failed/pending deploys.

I’m getting this too with a rails app.

:tired_face: :weary: It turns out my Dockerfile wasn’t configured properly. It was missing a port


That’s all it took and then it worked fine