deployment Failed due to unhealthy allocations

I was able to deploy a phoenix app successfully yesterday. I tried to redeploy today with the exact same code and I am getting an error: " Failed due to unhealthy allocations".

I didn’t change anything on my end – I even checked out the exact same git commit that successfully deployed yesterday.

I looked at the troubleshooting guide and increased the grace_period for services.tcp_checks and services.http_checks to 90s, but it doesn’t make any difference.

If you run fly status --all, you can see a list of failed VMs. Running fly vm status <id> should give you more details.

Will you run that and see if you see any messages about exiting with a code other than 0, or health check failures?

Also, fly logs -i <vmid> will help. If you see any log lines that take an excessive amount of time it could still be the grace period. I’ve seen some apps fail to come up in 90s, even, which is not fun.

Oh wait, I just noticed some logs that reference your app. Give us a bit.

Can you retry now? One server had a small issue and our alert didn’t fire. We’re fixing the alert bit, but it should be safe to deploy again now.

ok, thanks – I was just able to deploy successfully.

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