Deploy Appwrite

Is it possible to run Appwrite in a fly VM?

Their docs recommend to install Appwrite using Docker

I’ve tried a few approaches on a shared VM with 1GB:

1.) setting the fly.toml image key to appwrites docker container (image= “appwrite/appwrite”)
Result: Release started but deployment failed

2.) Dockerfile - containing Alpine and docker with exposed port 80 and ran “docker compose up”
Result: failed to fetch an image or build from source: error building: executor failed running [/bin/sh -c docker-compose up]: exit code: 1

3.) Dockerfile with supervisor - same setup as step 2 but included supervisor conf.
Result: App deploys but then Failed due to unhealthy allocations - no stable job version to auto revert to and deploying as v9

    • spawned: ‘docker’ with pid 555*
    • exited: docker (exit status 1; not expected)*
    • INFO gave up: docker entered FATAL state, too many start retries too quickly*


  • running “docker run Appwrite…” will create a traefik, appwrite(UI), Redis, MariaDB, influxdb containers plus some extra usage, workers and telegraf containers

Desired outcome:

  • use separate VMs for Redis and mariaDB
  • create separate VM for MariaDB with Galera Cluster
  • already offers Multi region Redis which is pretty straight forward

I’m more of a front-end dev so any detailed info would be appreciated.