I have a question about deploying a Go app

What happens when you deploy a program written in Go to fly.io?

  1. Does it build the program written in Go, place the binary on the OS, and run it?
  2. Does it run the Go source code directly?
  3. Or something else?

Something else :slight_smile:

You can write a simple Dockerfile to build your Go program. Then Fly can run the container.

If you haven’t written Dockerfile before, it may be nice to try Docker’s new docker init command. It supports Go.

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まさか、日本人の方に返信をいただけるとは思っていませんでした :grin:


返信ありがとうございます :two_hearts:

Thank you for your reply.
I didn’t expect to get a response from someone Japanese :grin:

It’s quite rare to see a platform claiming to deploy Go instead of containers in PaaS, so I was curious about what kind of runtime it operates on.

Thank you for your response :two_hearts:

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