Deleting and/or renaming apps

Is it possible to rename apps and have the database names and URLs change too?

On a related note, is it possible to delete apps?

Now that I’ve seen the utility of not accepting the default name, I want to have named apps. And I have at least three apps to be dealt with.

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Hey there – it’s not currently possible to rename an app (in part because, as you’ve noticed, they are used to create your app’s hostname on

You can definitely delete your app! The command is fly apps destroy. So it sounds like you’d want to re-create your apps with a different name.

A few commands that might come in handy here:

  • You can list all apps with fly apps list;
  • view their configs with fly config display -a $app-name,
  • and check what image you’re using with fly images show -a $app-name.

If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth enabling fly completion for your shell-- this makes exploring our docstrings for flyctl subcommands a lot easier!


You can also delete apps in fly dashboard (webpage). I just cleaned out some trials (false starts) that I had.

Hey eli! thanks for answering this question, I would like to suggest a possible feature that allows for users to create a custom ‘label’ for an app to identify apps more easily on the dashboard regardless of the underlaying app name :slight_smile:

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