Delete app an deploy new one with same name.

Hi there, hope you are doing well.
Today I deleted an app, as I wanted to change the region to try something (it had a volume attached, so I had to delete).
The thing is when I redeplo the app with the same name in another regions, it deploys ok, but cant access the page. But if I use another name (same deploment process) I can access the web page without problems.
Is there anything I can do to use the previous name in a new app?


You can’t rename your new app to the previous name …

But (in theory) you should be able to delete your previous app, wait for Fly’s system to delete any internal references to it (such as from DNS records) and then create a new app called the previous name. I don’t know how long that takes. I would assume there is some kind of housekeeping task, cache purge etc. Since at that point Fly would not know of the previous name. And so as far as it was concerned, it was a new one.

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