Deleted volumes still shows in usage


About a month ago, I upgraded my Postgres cluster from v1 to v2. After I checked and everything was fine I deleted the old volumes. But the app, in usage and I “assume” the billing is counting as 4 volumes instead of only 2. Is there something I can do or can someone check? My main concern is if it’s counting the usage for billing $

Thank you

Hey @thiagosydow can you confirm which app you’re seeing this on? I checked on our end and it looks like wandering-forest-5857 has 2 volumes associated with it while nameless-wildflower-2755 has 4.

Hi @shortdiv , It’s the nameless-flower. It’s supposed to have 2 only as the initial post explains. The volumes tab already shows only 2 (pg_data_machine). The deleted ones were (pg_data)

But in usage it says 4

Gotcha, I checked again and I see that the pg_data volumes are in a pending_destroy state. When a volume is destroyed, the volume is soft deleted in the backend so there is time to recover data in the event of an accidental deletion. So you might see these volumes in usage data. Follow up question: When did you run destroy on these volumes?

In the same day I migrated/the new volumes were created. I did see in the dashboard the pending_destroy for 1 day I think before it shown only the current 2. Since neither the cli nor the dashboard shows the deleted ones, it makes it difficult to know what’s going on. I only stopped to pay more attention when I noticed that my billing was higher than expected/previous months

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for being patient with this. A PR was recently merged to fix discrepancies in volume state across our platform. I just checked and it looks like your volumes that were deleted have been successfully removed. Was the charge you’re seeing for the volume that wasn’t in use/was deleted? I can escalate this to get it fixed if so.

Hi @shortdiv , no worries. Yes in the invoice of the previous month I can see that the Volume line has approximately 2x the qty than other months, and it was what made the increase in price.

FYI in usage right now it shows the deletion happened couple of days ago, but in the side it still shows what I interpret as it will/would charge for 11 days for those

Cool, thanks for the info! I’ll give you an update once I hear back from billing

Hi @thiagosydow—just a quick note to say I have tagged some credit onto your account to cover any billing discrepancies here (which should only amount to ~$1) but also to make up for the trouble!

I have confirmed that you should not be billed further for those two volumes, after 09/11/23. As mentioned, usage up until then totalled ~$1.00.


OK, thank you @kylemclaren and @shortdiv !


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