debugging superfly/fly-log-shipper

I’m trying to setup an instance of the fly-log-shipper for our organization with an AWS S3 output.

I’ve configured it with the following environment variables, and the S3 output healthchecks are reporting success, but I’ve yet to see it relay any data. I have specified SUBJECT=logs.> even though I believe from reading the README this is the default. I’m sending some traffic to a sibling application where I can see it reflected in the realtime fly logs output for that app.

Is there anything else that is necessary to configure before logs from applications in the same organization are relayed by the log-shipped?



edit: for the folks: the app hosting the log shipper instance in question is oso-fly-log-export

whatever the issue was it is now resolved. logs are showing up in S3 where I’d expect them!

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Well that’s deeply unsatisfying. I was hoping to swoop in here and find an obvious misconfiguration.

Is it possible the log buffer hadn’t grown large enough to get written right away?