Dear flyio I am unable to sign into my account

Hello flyio. I am unable to log into my account. I am being prompted for 2fa and on entering the code nothing happens. No error message nothing the text box is just emptied.
Can you assist.

Hi @subflybb I think I might be able to help

Can you DM me your main account email?

I am trying to find in the UI where to do this but cannot, can you direct me how to do this?

I’ve just sent you a DM, should appear in your notifications

You can also click on my avatar here and click on “Message” too

It seems to be an CSS issue, you can Cmd+A/Ctrl+A the page to see the error does appear below. Ill be looking into fixing that asap.

Apologies for that and thanks a lot for raising that issue

We sent a fix for the CSS issue and should be online now!

Hi thanks, it began to work when I tried this morning.
Thank you.

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