Custom Domains for Saas without exposing fly branded CNAME records


So I just saw this post about the feature preview of DNS + domains. Where did this end up? I haven’t seen any other documentation on it.

The reason I ask is that my team implemented SSL for Saas with an NGINX proxy, but we didn’t want to provide Fly branded CNAMEs.

Is there way to implement SSL for Saas without handing over CNAMEs to the client that point directly to

We ended up using DNSimple to add “proxy” CNAMEs on our domain that points to the CNAMEs provided by Fly when you create a certificate. I would love to do this all within Fly and cut out DNSimple. Also, would love to eliminate a hop with the “proxy” CNAME.

Thank you for the amazing community!

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You can create your own A and AAAA records to the fly ipv4 & ipv6 and give those as a CNAME to your clients.


Nice. Good idea. Thank you @pims.