Credit model

Hi! Your service seems very interesting but being used to other mechanisms I would ask a few things:

  • To sleep peacefully I usually prefer a credit mechanism where I top up a certain amount with PayPal and if my services exceed that credit they are automatically stopped, at least I don’t risk finding surprises on my credit card… do you plan to have something like this in the future? So you don’t need to bind a credit card, but can just top up your account regularly if needed?
  • Do you plan to add a way to stop services if they exceed the free tier or a certain limit that can be set by the user per-app or per-account/organization?

Thank you!

We do plan to support prepaid credits at some point, but it’ll be a while.

We don’t have any plans to stop services when they exceed the free tier. The way apps work on our platform, you will only exceed the free tier if you manually launch more VMs (either by adding apps, or scaling a single app). Or if you setup autoscaling rules that let your app scale beyond the free tier.

It’s not like, say, Lambda where you can get a ton of requests that impact billing. Billing on us should be very predictable.

@slysimo we just added support for purchasing credits: New: Prepaid Credits (and a bonus story)