CORS Issue / Preflight Request using PocketBase

Hey all! I’m working on a soccer lineup builder application that uses PocketBase to keep track of player submissions. I’m almost done with it and started testing from another computer to make sure other uses can update the database. That’s when I noticed this issue.

When I load the page from a computer other than my own, these errors pop-up in the console.

From my own computer, I get a warning that I’m requesting a resource that I can only access because of my network position.

It sounds like I need to update something with either PocketBase or to allow other uses to access the database. Does anyone have any experience with this? I currently don’t have any sign-in methods on my PocketBase database which I thought would allow everyone to have access. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The webpage is here:
The code is here: GitHub - jspann93/US-Soccer-Lineup-Builder

Hi there,

Based on the screenshot your posted, this is in fact (the lack of) your S3 bucket’s CORS policy that’s blocking the request.

You’ll need to configure the bucket to allow requests from the fly app domain.

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