Config scale in fly toml?

Hi, a couple questions that might be configurable but I’m not sure

  1. My deploy of a single machine always follows with this message - “Creating a second machine to increase service availability”. Is there a way for me to specify that I want only a single machine?
  2. Is there a way for me to specify the memory amount for a machine, or do I need to run fly scale memory 2048 after each deploy?

The default behaviour is that on your first deploy, Fly will create two machines in your primary region for your app. The second machine is the “standby machine”, and most of the time it will be off, and you won’t be charged for it. It’s recommended to have at least two machines per app to avoid downtime stemming from updates and hardware failures.

You can delete that second machine if you really want to. You can also scale machines, and deploy new ones in different regions.

When you run a deploy, Fly will deploy to all machines in your app, but it will not create or change machines.

To answer your question, you cannot define count or scale in your fly.toml file, but you also don’t need to.


If you really don’t want a second standby machine, you can disable the high availability feature by adding --ha=false to the fly deploy command on initial deploy


On first deploy, you can pass --vm-size=SIZE and any new machine will be launched with that per SIZE value.

For valid sizes see fly platform vm-sizes output:

$ fly platform vm-sizes
Nomad platform
NAME                    CPU CORES       MEMORY
shared-cpu-1x           1               256 MB
dedicated-cpu-1x        1               2 GB
dedicated-cpu-2x        2               4 GB
dedicated-cpu-4x        4               8 GB
dedicated-cpu-8x        8               16 GB

Machines platform
NAME            CPU CORES       MEMORY
shared-cpu-1x   1               256 MB
shared-cpu-2x   2               512 MB
shared-cpu-4x   4               1 GB
shared-cpu-8x   8               2 GB

NAME            CPU CORES       MEMORY
performance-1x  1               2 GB
performance-16x 16              32 GB
performance-2x  2               4 GB
performance-4x  4               8 GB
performance-8x  8               16 GB

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