fly deploy resets memory of machines

Seem to be facing the same issue as fly deploy for Machines app: Memory is reset after each deploy - General - but it doesn’t happen all the time and I haven’t identify a pattern that allow me to reproduce it.

Are there any way we can config the default settings of processes and machines in the fly.toml file? e.g. count, memory, vm type. That will be useful as a fallback too

Hi! That seems like a bug. Would you be able to give me the name of your app, I can take a further look?

manatal-search-engine - happened to me for my sidekiq process. thanks Billy!

That keeps happening to me as well, when I scale to 0 and then back up to 1.

Update: It doesn’t just happen to the RAM, but sometimes also the types of machines (e.g. shared-cpu-8x back to something else)

Hey sorry for taking so long to get back to you.
So the issue is that you have the amount of ram, cpu kind, and number of CPUs in your fly.toml (under the [[vm]] section). flyctl will automatically set the size of your VMs to whatever is set in the vm section.

hey Billy, ahhhh, this is incredibly embarrassing. don’t recall this to be there when i launch my other apps previously so didn’t thought that there will be changes in the default toml generated. thank you!

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