Unable to deploy: app can't undergo bluegreen deployment due to org limits


We’re currently unable to deploy a Fly app and are getting the error “Deployment failed after error: app can’t undergo bluegreen deployment due to org limits” on trying to run a deployment. What does that mean? What limits?? I don’t see anything mentioned anywhere about this.

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Have not tried this before, but does fly org show give you any insight?

Unfortunately not. We’ve been forced to deploy using --strategy canary at the moment.

Getting an error like that with zero explanation is a bit scary, when it blocks deployment.

hi @alathon1

You can contact billing@fly.io if you find you’re hitting limits on your organization.

@andie But what limits are these supposed to be? None of the pricing plans or Fly documentation mention anything about this at all.

Reaching out to a billing department about a deployment error message that I can’t find any information on at all seems way off to me.

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Billing would be able to check if there’s something wrong with your account first, and then pass it off to support if needed. In this case, I think this was a bug and it should be fixed now!

Further info: We may have various limits on Machine creation to prevent abuse and such. But if you hit a limit, you’re supposed to get a message to contact billing, who should be able to help you with that.

Let us know if you’re still experiencing issues.

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