Cloud events for fly when you have hundreds of apps?

Is the graphql subscriptions the only way to control hundreds of apps ?

Looking for advice …

Nats vertex logging but that’s app level and not control plane level .

Would be awesome if I can get a versioned even if what’s happening as devs deploy the change things . The machines system is based on nats ironically …

Hi @gedw99

We currently only have app-level machine events but have NATS logs organization-wide subscribing to logs.*.*.*.

If you’re comfortable, can I ask more about your use case for managing hundreds of apps to see if we can be more helpful?

Oh awesome that you publish to NATS!!

I have to run lots of machines (v2) and need a control plane to manage them without going nuts.

Here is my contact. Would be happy to get a little advice

I feel like listening to the logs could be a good candidate for your use case then!

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