Changes in v2 platform cause constant OOM crashes

Hi there. I’ve got a spring app deployed on It works great, sometimes (like once in a month) it crashes because it is out of RAM - it is tight on RAM being on around 200 MB usage out of 228 the machine has.

I’ve tested updating my machine to the v2 platform, and after that, my app crashes with out of memory whenever a request is sent to it - so it’s constantly crashing and doesn’t work. I’ve reverted it back to v1 so it works.

I can’t find any information on what changes the v2 update to the platform actually mean - what changes have been made that could be causing this? Are the machines/apps now using more RAM due to this?
Also, will my machine/app be forcefully update to v2 some day? If so, will we get a warning or something ahead so we can prepare for issues?

From my POV, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it - currently it works well and I’m satisfied with how it works, and Ideally I wouldn’t want a lot of maintenance with it. So I’d like to know if we can expect any changes which can fix this issue before our machines get (if they do) forcefully updated to v2.

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