Can't sign in to my account

Hi, I can’t log in to my account after linking with github. When I put my email and password in Sign In · Fly, the page just reloads and doesn’t show any message at the bottom left of the web page. I already tried to log in with github but got the same result. If I enter my password wrong, I see the error message at the bottom left that says “User not found or password does not match.” I need help, I have been trying to log into my account for 2 weeks.

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Hi @Richardial

Is it possible this is cookies related? Can you try wiping all cookies and checking?

I tried it in different devices and still not working

I need help, i got a billing and i can’t see why. Pls i’ve been trying to login to my account and still got no support.

After trying to access to one of my apps through an specific endpoint i got:

Unable to authorize access: must authenticate with GitHub account with access to organization 167342265 (got )

Thanks for this context, with that I was able to pinpoint a stack trace on our APM!

It seems to be a GitHub-related token issue so I’ll reach out to the security team to see how I can help you further.

I checked with security folks and your account was under a Fly org with SSO restrictions for a certain GitHub org of yours.

Our folks removed that restriction and you might be good to go now and we will also be looking into improving this UX, thanks for your feedback and sorry about the trouble!

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