Can't increase RAM in Postgres instance. No active machines in process group 'app', check `fly status` output

I’m trying to run fly scale memory 512 -a xxx-db and I get error:

Error: No active machines in process group 'app', check `fly status` output

When I run fly status I get:

Updates available:

Machine "4d8979df452587" flyio/postgres-flex:15.3 (v0.0.43) -> flyio/postgres-flex:15.3 (v0.0.46)
Machine "3287961a027328" flyio/postgres-flex:15.3 (v0.0.43) -> flyio/postgres-flex:15.3 (v0.0.46)

Run `flyctl image update` to migrate to the latest image version.
ID            	STATE  	ROLE   	REGION	CHECKS            	IMAGE                             	CREATED             	UPDATED
4d8979df452587	started	primary	waw   	3 total, 3 passing	flyio/postgres-flex:15.3 (v0.0.43)	2023-06-30T13:14:38Z	2023-09-04T15:14:07Z	
3287961a027328	started	replica	waw   	3 total, 3 passing	flyio/postgres-flex:15.3 (v0.0.43)	2024-02-01T23:03:38Z	2024-02-01T23:03:52Z	

It’s so annoying that. I always have some problems with running commands in CLI. I might update Postgres to never version but I’m not sure if that’s the source of the problem. I wouldn’t want to do that because in the past I had problems with updating Postgres version. Any help?

Update Postgres version didn’t help but I found a way to scale memory. It would be good if the email about Postgres machine not having enough memory didn’t lie about command that I have to use. What I had to run is:

flyctl machine update 4d8979df452587 --vm-memory 512 --app raczekteam-db

Is there a way to autoscale Postgres machines? So that I can have 2 machines always running and the 3rd one to only start when there is big demand?

I just ran into the same issue launching a new fly app.

After some digging, it appears the newly created DB machine isn’t attached to the default app progress group.

To fix this, run:

fly m update --metadata fly_process_group=app 4d8979df452587 -a raczekteam-db

Thanks. It will make it easier in the future if I want to scale

Added postgres

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