Can't connect to Redis (flyctl redis connect)

Hi, mates.
I have created a redis instance but can’t connect to it.
It’s shown within status check:

flyctl redis status bot-storage
  ID             = gRm85kgR2mKzbuo400m
  Name           = bot-storage
  Plan           = Free
  Primary Region = waw
  Read Regions   = None
  Eviction       = Enabled
  Private URL    = redis://

but when I try to list redis instances - I’m nothing able to see:

❯ : flyctl redis list

also issue with connecting to it:

❯ : flyctl redis connect
Error please provide options to select from

at the same time seems I don’t have a tunnel to the upstash:

❯ : nc -vz 6379
nc: connectx to port 6379 (tcp) failed: No route to host

At the same time, I’m able successfully to use flyctl log command.

I assume it’s some tunnelling issue, but not sure how to fix it. May someone guide me?
I’m expecting that flyctl redis connect should establish such tunnels. But not sure how to troubleshoot it.

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Sorry for the trouble. Are you trying to connect to Redis from within a VM? It’s only accessible from your Fly network, and only within the organization where you deployed Redis.

nothing to sorry,
and I just trying to connect it from my Mac.

  • I am able to see another application log, so suppose I have some Fly network established.

This was a problem on our end. Can you try again?

now all works perfect. Thank you so much!

I have the exact issue as the original post (status works, list doesn’t show anything, connect shows same error).

This is my first time testing the upstash redis feature. My redis instance is called nameless-thunder-7152.

Also still experiencing the same issue.

Can you check you’re using the latest verison of flyctl? We’ve got an internal fix coming out for this, but using the latest CLI will also help. For now, I have manually fixed the issue for your accounts. Please try again!

thank you @jsierles! yes, this was with the latest version.

Thanks for the manual fix! I appreciate it. I’ll stay on the most up to date CLI

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