Cannot connect to managed redis from fly app

I used the following command to deploy redis:

flyctl redis create

I get the following redis connection url: redis://default:[password]@[name]

Attempting to connect to port 6379 from another app. This is the error I get:

[info]Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND [name]

I tried deploying redis to the same region as the app. No luck. Thank you for the help!

NOTE: This app never shows up in[ORG-NAME] but I can connect to it through my terminal

See if Upstash redis is deployed to your personal org (or another org) instead?

You can change orgs with the --org <org-name> flyctl switch, I believe?

Redis use IPv6 addresses, and some Redis clients need to be told as much.

If you’re using Nodejs, you need to pass family: 6 to your Redis client config. Other clients may need something similar.

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