Cannot seem to disable autoscale

App name is ephemera, which currently has autoscale active.

Trying to return it to volume anchors

❯ fly autoscale disable
     Scale Mode: Disabled
❯ fly autoscale show
     Scale Mode: Balanced
      Min Count: 3
      Max Count: 11

I’ve tried and checked after several minutes with no change.
Thanks for any help!

FWIW, I checked back on this today, and it shows this:

❯ fly autoscale show
     Scale Mode: Standard
      Min Count: 9
      Max Count: 9

Which is different than previous, and maybe equates to disabled (not being snarky, I just don’t know if Standard represents the proper end state when one does fly autoscale disable)

Strange. I get Disabled.

$ fly autoscale show
Scale Mode: Disabled

But since your min and max values are the same, well that will also turn off auto-scaling. As it will run 9, and then even if it wants to start more (like connections hit your set limit in fly.toml), well it will see your max is also 9. So it won’t.